Stairlifts Made Simple Clean Up Day

Stairlifts Made Simple organized our first neighborhood trash cleanup day earlier this month. Kayla, co-owner, and I were tired of driving down the frontage road into the neighborhood and seeing more and more trash that unthoughtful people have dumped on the road or thrown out of cars. Kayla put up fliers for mailboxes and invited the neighborhood out to help clean up. Although only one other neighbor showed up to help, we filled up an entire truckload of garbage including nine large trash bags of paper and plastic picked out of the dirt and grass on the side of the road.

Truck full of trash

This was all done in just two hours of going up and down one frontage road leading into our neighborhood.

Kayla, who was 8 1/2 months pregnant that weekend, is a great example. If she can get out there and pick up garbage to make the neighborhood nicer, anyone can do it.

Kayla with truck of trash

We are hoping to inspire more neighbors to come out and help on a once a month basis so that this day’s two hour cleanup can be done in 30 minutes next time.

Truck bed of trash

We don’t expect the dumpers to stop dumping, unfortunately, but we do expect and appreciate when neighbors come together to help keep our neighborhood clean.


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