ORDER CANCELLATION/RETURN POLICY. Once the rail has been cut to your specified length, all stair lift sales are final.  No cancellation and/or return of order will be accepted once payment has been received and order has been processed.


INSTALLATION.  General installation of all Stairlifts purchased is included.  Must have usable 3 prong household electrical outlet near the bottom or top of the stairs.   If a power outlet is required, the buyer will need to have an electrician install a usable outlet prior to install.  If you have any questions about your power source, please call


Stairlifts Made Simple at 1-888-211-6307.MANUFACTURER’S STANDARD PARTS WARRANTY.  PARTS WARRANTY covering all component parts will be equal to the manufactures product warranty.  LABOR WARRANTY is for one (1) year from the date of installation. Warranty begins from date of installation. Stairlift power batteries and remote batteries not included in warranty unless defective upon receipt. Warranty is not transferable


WARRANTY EXCLUSIONS.  Warranty does not apply to problems arising due to tampering, failure to properly follow installation or operating instructions, negligence, misuse, abuse, accident, fire, theft, vandalism, natural disaster, normal wear and tear, absence of suitable surge protector or any other reason beyond our control.


MAXIMUM WEIGHT CAPACITY.  The maximum weight capacity of any product sold by Stairlifts Made Simple must not be exceeded.  Any and all warranties will become void if weight capacity is exceeded at any time during ownership.


LOCAL ORDINANCES.  Compliance with local ordinances pertaining to the installation of stairlifts may be required in certain states/municipalities. Purchaser is responsible for ascertaining whether such if any ordinances exist and complying with same.  Should the buyer wish to have any permits or inspections, all responsibilities and fees with be at the cost and responsibility of the buyer.


TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE.  DO NOT CALL THE MANUFACTURER FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT. Free technical assistance is available only by calling Stairlifts Made Simple at 1-888-211-6307 or contact us by email at where a factory-trained technician will endeavor to diagnose the cause of the condition.  Most malfunctions can be successfully diagnosed and remedied by telephone.  If it is determined that a replacement part is needed, arrangements will be made for appropriate parts to be available according to the terms of the warranty in effect at the time of malfunction, after which customer is responsible for the replacement parts.


THIRD PARTY SERVICE.  If customer decides to consult with or hire a third party in an attempt to diagnose or correct any perceived or known problem, the customer assumes responsibility for any costs incurred.  Stairlifts Made Simple is not responsible for any costs incurred to a third party without its expressed written consent.  If customer requests that a service technician be dispatched to assist with installation/service issues, customer will be responsible for any applicable charges unless other arrangements are agreed upon in writing from Stairlifts Made Simple .


RAIL LENGTH. Stairlifts Made Simple is not responsible for insufficient or excess rail sections due to improper measurement of stairway length by anyone other than a Stairlifts Made Simple associate.  In the event the rail is too short or too long due to improper measurement provided to Stairlifts Made Simple at time of order, customer will be responsible for any costs incurred to obtain correct rail length.